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Australian grants

A number of government agencies offer programs designed to assist Australian companies planning to export to the United States. Austrade South Australian Department of Economic Trade Development (DTED) Hotlink details below


New Exporter Development Program

Austrade and Tradestart provide a range of free services to new exporters including advice and information about getting into exporting, export coaching and assistance on the ground in foreign markets www.austrade.gov.au/newexporter

EMDG Grant

Austrade administers the Export Market Development Grant (EMDG) scheme which provides financial assistance (50% of eligible overseas promotional expense after the first $15,000 expended) to small to medium sized Australian businesses to help fund their export promotional activities.

By nominating Export Access as your export representative in this program you can maximize your benefit under the scheme. Contact us by phone or email info@exportaccess.com to learn what we can achieve together under this program.

DTED: South Australian Promotion Program (SAPP)

This program provides grants to assist the promotion of South Australia and its industry capabilities at key industry events in international markets (including trade shows).

The Office of Trade invites applications in March and September of each year.

Applications from groups of companies and industry associations are strongly encouraged. In general, grants are available for up to $3,000 (dollar for dollar) per company represented at the event. Models of participation at an event include:

  • Trade show - traditional model (individual booths forming part of a common themed pavilion).
  • Trade show - industry showcase model (to promote an industry sector and individual companies through creative use of booth space).
  • Trade show - product showcase model (especially suitable for non-branded products).
  • Events other than trade shows (that may be more effective to promote a particular industry).

The importance of the market and the specific activity should be highlighted in the industry�s sector-level export strategy.

More information available at http://www.exportsa.gov.au/

DTED: Market Access Program (MAP)

The Market Access Program (MAP), administered by the Department of Economic Trade Development, provides a source of funds to assist small and medium business develop export capabilities.

MAP grants are available for incoming and outgoing export-related missions, including overseas delegations, exhibitions and trade shows, and educational activities associated with increasing export capability. More information available at http://www.exportsa.gov.au/.

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