Export Access
Company and Product Representation
  • Company/product representation in international markets
  • Combining resources for cost-effective market entry
  • Forming networks across international borders
Export Access can act as your product representative in the North America.

The concept of employing product reps is more common in the United States and Canada than it is in Australia. With our extensive networks, and because we understand the culture, business drivers and the broader business environment of these target markets, we can represent your company, product or service with efficiency and dependability.

Clients appreciate and understand the economies of scale and the efficiency of pooling a number of products through one representative. We can represent a number of (non competing) companies, amortizing the costs and increasing the efficiency of operation.

A report will be provided that details the contacts made on your behalf and the interest expressed in your product. Thus you will be able to follow up organizations with a genuine interest in what you have to offer.

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